Saturday, March 26, 2011


well I have been really hard on myself the past few weeks not having a job.. i know right I'm surprised as much as you all. my last post was about me trying so hard at my job... and now this!! i loved my job i tried so hard the past couple months making sure my i's were dotted and my t's were crossed but it wasn't good enough for some people. i loved artspace a lot really thought after 2.5 years i was gonna be there for a long time. its over and I'm trying to make this positive and really think there is something better waiting for me I have a job interview with a company Monday morning and feel really good about it lets hope it all works out. its been really nice spending time with my daughter more however i feel I'm less productive and I'm made to work and provide for my daughter she is all I have and I need to make sure our life is set.

keep your fingers crossed for us!!

xoxo Jenna


  1. i know, everyone was surprised. i'm glad you're getting a little break to be with your daughter though. as far as finding something new - keep me updated! :)

  2. Enjoy ur off time. I don't know how I ever worked b4 but i know my situation is different than urs. ur baby girl is so cute! hope u r doing well!!!