Saturday, March 26, 2011

The BIG 25

WOW! I'm 25... not sure if i feel happy about this or sad that I'm getting so old and not were I want to be in life. Its OK ill take happy for now i have a beautiful daughter to have and to hold forever, great friends and amazing family :)  I had a really great day actually everyone was so kind and wished me happy birthday it feels nice to have a day about you especially now that I'm a mom i like it even better. We went to benihanas for dinner me and chels it was so much fun met a really nice couple from Tennessee and they bought our whole mean it was amazing and I will never forget about them and this day.
 after that we went to Keys on Main and it was a blast.. ha ha from what I can remember it was crazy night and i was toast by about 10:30! We got great pictures and I have to say I have the best friends ever Thanks to Chelsea for making sure my hot mess got home safe.

                                                                 Love you all

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