Monday, May 2, 2011


Why is it so hard to be patient? This I am trying to figure out I feel like I should be able to just have everything I want when I want it.. I know crazy and super selfish but I am working on this every day. Everyday all I hear from so many people is to be patient I have still been looking for a job and its not easy.. ya I could just go out and get any job however I feel like I have enough skill and experience in property management and I just need to be Patient for the right opportunity and it just hasen happened yet. We almost going on 2 months of not working and its really wearing me out I'm trying to stay positive but its so hard so TODAY I'm refocusing my attitude on YES I can do this :)!! I am going to expand my searches to just get in the door to a company even if I have to start at the bottom it will be worth it to me and the company they will see that i am a very good asset!!
When I want something I will do everything in my power to make it happen and i feel like I haven't really wanted to try so hard to actually get work again I have enjoyed being with my daughter however its time I really need the income its finally catching up to me.
I have never really been one to give up on anything I was not born that way... but patience I feel sometimes is a game in life and its a game that I have a hard time playing with I feel like it should just happen.. haha I know I know my girlfriends tell me all the time to RELAX!! I'm a go getter and I'm really trying to not give up on the things I want in life especially LOVE!!!

Well to a new day tomorrow with new goals and to try and be PATIENT like everyone says


  1. jenna i need an update! i hope everything is going well for you :)

  2. it's been too long. i'm sure everything has changed since this last post!